About us


Hello there! I’m Lily Min, the heart and soul behind Flower Fairy, where my love for arts and the beauty of nature converge. Phoenix, AZ has been my cherished home for the past nine years, providing the perfect backdrop for my floral adventures.

After years of dreaming, studying, and honing my floral artistry, I decided to turn my passion into a reality. To me, flowers are not just nature’s ornaments; they are living canvases that inspire and captivate. Their vibrant colors, intricate shapes, and delicate fragrances have a magical way of stirring the soul, much like a beautiful piece of art.

Our team of skilled florists shares my passion for creating arrangements that evoke emotions. From romantic roses to cheerful sunflowers, from classic bouquets to contemporary designs, we offer a diverse range of options to cater to every taste.

The essence of Flower Fairy is encapsulated in our slogan: creating memories, one bloom at a time. We’re not just a flower delivery service, we’re a part of your celebrations, your moments of solace, and your expressions of love.

Thank you for choosing Flower Fairy to be a part of your floral journey. We can’t wait to brighten your day!

With love and blossoms,

Lily Min

Owner of Flower Fairy